improv for design thinking process

A Better Design Thinking Process through Improv Theater

Improv theater techniques can strengthen all stages of the design thinking process, from building user empathy to creating product prototypes. Not convinced? Unsure how improv relates to the design thinking process or how it can improve it? Fearful that you need to be a trained comedian or a theater major to successfully apply improv techniques? ...

Design Thinking Success Stories

40 Design Thinking Success Stories

I’m incredibly optimistic of the power of DT but also always on the lookout for design thinking success stories and examples. As I’ve shared my knowledge of design thinking with others, I’ve frequently been asked how often it delivers demonstrable results and how broadly it can be applied. Below is my collection of design thinking ...

The 5 Minute Brainstorm

Great brainstorm facilitation requires lots of reps, trial, and error. As a new design thinking practitioner, I found the Ideate phase of design thinking particularly challenging since I had minimal prior experience in conducting brainstorms. It took me considerable time to plan my first brainstorm after my initial design thinking training. It took me even more ...

Free Design Thinking Training Guide from IDEO

Fantastic free design thinking training guide from IDEO

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