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Ultimate Guide to Design Sprint Training Tools & Resources

Design sprints are rapidly gaining steam within organizations (including my own), and have driven considerable demand for design sprint training tools and resources. Google Venture’s 5-day design sprint approach, popularized and democratized by Jake Knapp in his best-selling book ‘Sprint’, has quickly become a hot commodity in innovative organizations ranging from start-ups to massive Fortune 500 companies. ...

Design Thinking is For Everyone, Not a Chosen Few

Everyone should be using design thinking. I’m convinced that design thinking (DT) can greatly benefit everyone. From helping Airbnb avoid bankruptcy and develop a winning business model, to improving sanitation systems in Cambodia, DT is a proven framework, process, and mindset for delivering solutions against some of the world’s toughest challenges. DT is an iterative method of deeply ...

Free Design Thinking Training Guide from IDEO

Fantastic free design thinking training guide from IDEO