The Accidental Design Thinker Blog is Live!

I’m proud to announce that ‘The Accidental Design Thinker’ website, my design thinking blog is live!

Design thinking is the love I never knew I had…  I’ve always been fascinated by people, insatiably curious, and an innovator at heart. These passions have led me to a career as a Fortune 500 brand marketing & innovation leader.

Despite 15+ years of experience in the field and an MBA from a top 10 program, I’ve only recently discovered design thinking.  I happened upon a design thinking class from the Stanford Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (the d.School) and it was love at first sight. Finally, a framework, mindset, and set of tools that matched the way my mind is naturally wired.  I believe design thinking can solve some of the world’s toughest problems & innovation challenges and I’m eager to spread knowledge of the approach.

Please join me in learning, sharing, and connecting over design thinking, the love I never knew I had!

The Accidental Design Thinker Homepage

  1. Well I just got involved in D.Thinking through IdeoU and found your newlyfound blog. Hope to see more info on how you develop yourself. I truly think D.Thinking will help me get out of my confort zone as an architect.



    1. Hello Dario,

      Thank you for visiting my website! I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment; it helps further fuel my desire to write and share my experiences with design thinking.

      IdeoU classes are a fantastic way to both learn & apply design-thinking; love their resources. And consider yourself lucky, as an architect, I’d imagine your mind is already wired for design!

      I have a lot more content planned in the immediate future; give my blog a follow to stay up to date with the latest & great. Just added a new post 🙂

      Thanks again and cheers!


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